5 Ways to Create a Focal Point in your Living Room

11 October 2021

For many people the living room is the heart of their home; the place where you can gather as a family, catch up on conversation, relax and watch some television or even take a quick cat nap on a Sunday.

That being said, you spend a lot of time in your living room so you want the atmosphere to be as comfortable to the eye as your couches are comfortable to your back. A great way to start doing this is by creating focal points.

Focal points are the most fundamental principle of home design and helps to create a charismatic statement in the room that naturally draws the attention of a visitor as you walk into the room.

The good news is that focal points can be just about anything so you can bring the exact focal point to your living space that matches your personality and interests.

Let’s take a look at some ways that you can create a focal point in your living room.

Create a Focal Point with Wall Art

Art is a great way to add personality to a room - not to mention the easiest way to bring your personality into your living space. The type of art that you showcase in your living space is what makes your house a home.

Wall art can be used in two effective ways: a single large piece or multiple smaller pieces.

While both display methods are different, they are both effective in creating a focal point in the room. Often large art pieces are preferred for smaller living spaces. Some might feel that a large art piece in a small space will be overwhelming but multiple smaller pieces in a small area can make the area feel more cluttered.

Smaller pieces are ideal for creating a gallery effect and work best when spread over a large open wall. This can be anything from abstract art to family photos – your preference entirely.

Wall Art above Pine Chest of Drawers

Create a Focal Point with Mirrors

Another great way to create a focal point in your living room is by using mirrors.

Mirrors catch natural light drawing the attention of those that walk into the room to that space. In addition to this, by capturing the natural light in the room, mirrors are able to make the room appear brighter.

Not to mention how mirrors are able to make a room appear larger than what it is. The best thing that you can do to create the illusion of space in a small room is to hang a large mirror on the wall.

And we can actually help you out with this one with our range of pine mirrors available in different sizes and finishes to match with your colour scheme.

focal point in your living room is by using mirrors

Create a Focal Point with Shelving or Bookcases

Have an open wall in your living room that you are uncertain of what to do with?

When in doubt, you cannot go wrong with some shelving or a bookshelf. You can never have enough storage or packing space in your home. Bookshelves and shelving help to create an impressive focal point while allowing you to maximise space in the room.

And, not to worry, having books, ornaments and other knick-knacks on display will not make your room appear cluttered – it’s the lack of packing space which results in a cluttered look.

Be sure to browse our collection of pine bookcases to find the perfect fit for your living room focal point.

Bookshelves and shelving help to create an impressive focal point

Create a Focal Point with your TV

While some interior designers believe that a TV should never be used as a focal point, there is much debate on the matter. With the main function of most living rooms being to watch TV, it makes complete sense that you can use your TV as the main focal point of the room.

You can further capitalise on this space by painting the wall behind your TV a different colour or by adding shelving around the TV. Sometimes it can be as simple as choosing an attractive TV unit to truly highlight the area as a focal point.

Thankfully we can help you with that – be sure to explore our wide range of pine TV cupboards available in different finishes to match your personal preferences.

use your TV as the main focal point of the room

Create a Focal Point with a Fireplace

If you are looking to create a more conversational living room then it might be better to avoid using a TV as your main focal point but, in situations such as these, the best next alternative would be to use a fireplace.

But, as you will know, homeowners in South Africa do not really need fireplaces as temperatures do not get low enough in most areas to warrant the need for one. This is why we recommend getting a faux fireplace installed!

Faux fireplaces create the ambiance that you are looking for without the need for the fireplace to be functional – what an easy way to create the perfect focal point and conversation piece in your living room.

And, who knows, maybe you can always convert the faux fireplace into a real one if the need ever arises?

Faux fireplaces create the ambiance


Now that you have gotten some inspirational ideas, we hope that you have the perfect focal point created in your living room in no time! Be sure to check out our range of pine furniture on our website to see if we have anything else in stock to help you out.