Care & Maintenance of your Pine Furniture

Aberdeens offers the largest selection of quality pine furniture in the Eastern Cape manufactured mostly from pure kiln dried SA pine. Although South African Pine is regarded as a “soft timber”, it has great workability, a high weight threshold and is one of the more affordable types of solid wood that can be used in furniture manufacturing.

Below is some of the daily and long-term maintenance you can do at home to maximizes the longevity & beauty of your pine furniture:

Daily Maintenance

Dust it: One of the best things to do is to dust off your furniture every day. Don’t allow dust to build upon your pine furniture because it could be mildly abrasive and over a period of time the tiny dust particles might create scratches. It is recommended to use a slightly damp, NOT WET, microfibre or similar soft cotton cloth to wipe down your furniture. Don’t use soap and water, detergents, or any cleaning products on your furniture pieces. Products like aerosols spray or any silicone-containing polish build up over time and should not be used. A simple
a damp cloth will do the trick.

Clean up spills immediately: One of the worst things for a pine furniture piece is to be exposed to moisture, such as a beverage spill, for an extended period. If the spill is left to settle on the furniture, the moisture could penetrate the sealant finish and create a blemish on your furniture over time. A small amount of sunlight liquid can be used to clean stains off our white furniture.

Long Term Maintenance

Use furniture protective accessories: It is always recommended to use suitable, good quality tablecloths, trays, and table runners to protect your furniture piece from day-to-day scratching. Something like a small tray on a bedroom dressing table to keep cologne or perfume is a good idea to avoid spillage directly onto the wood.

Be mindful of temperature & humidity changes: Due to the fact, the Pine is a natural product it is susceptible to sudden drastic temperature or humidity changes. Sudden changes could cause expansion or contraction of the individual timber panels and might show up on the furniture surface as cracks. It is therefore recommended that an even room temperature be maintained.

Keep your furniture pieces away from household items or features such as ovens, fireplaces, braais or radiators to avoid exposing the furniture to the abovementioned drastic temperature changes.

Keep furniture out of direct sunlight: It is not advised to place your pine furniture in direct sunlight. Direct sunlight could cause discolouring of your furniture piece and cause temperature changes which in turn can cause cracks and weaken the furniture.

Pine furniture should not be placed outside: Pine furniture is a natural product and considered softwood and therefore cannot handle the inevitable outside temperature changes. If a furniture piece is placed outside ABERDEENS cannot be held liable for any damage to a product.